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  GrillWorks - Floor Registers & Grilles

Your #1 resource for fine wood floor registers and grilles.

Stocking Registers
Most vents are in stock in red oak, white oak and hard maple in the standard sizes listed. Limited quantities of other species are also in stock in the standard sizes. Standard thickness is 3/4" except for bamboo which is 5/8". Non-standard thickness must be specified at time of order. All vents are shipped sanded and clean; ready for on-site finishing.

Other Options
Milled lumber on hand for special orders includes ash, birch, beech, domestic and brazilian cherry, santos and honduran mahogany, douglas fir, hickory, poplar, southern yellow pine, white pine, walnut, tigerwood, red birch, bamboo, heart pine and antique heart pine. Several other species of rare and exotic woods are on hand in rough-sawn form. If a specific installation requires lot matching of vents to your floor, you may supply 4/4" board stock or 3/4" flooring for vent fabrication in our plant. Call or email for information.

Special Orders/Custom-Made
Grill Works produces many custom order vents. Variations include one directional vents for wall air returns and entertainment center speaker faces. Modified egg-crate vents have been used in window seats and as light diffusers in ceilings. Prefinishing is also available as special order work. Call or email to see how we can accommodate your needs.

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