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  Skuttle - Humidifiers, Air Cleaners

Turn Your Dry House into a Skuttle "Happy House"

Since 1917, Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products has been making homes healthier and more comfortable with whole-house humidification.

Skuttle Central-sSstem Humidifiers
Today, Skuttle makes central-system humidifiers to fit more floor plans, heating systems and water types than any other manufacturer. Our 18 diverse models are among the most efficient, hardest working Flow-Thru, Steam, Drum, Under Duct and Spray Humidifiers on the market.

Safeguard Your Family with a Skuttle High-Capacity Air Cleaner
Typically, in-home pollutants are 2-to-5 times higher (occasionally 100 times higher) than they are outside! Skuttle Duct-Mounted, High-Efficiency Air Cleaners capture most of these contaminants in a deep-pleated filter that traps more particles over a longer period than the common flat filters found in many American homes. The results?... cleaner indoor air, a cleaner HVAC system, longer filter life, longer furnace life, significant cost savings over time and a healthier living environment.

No wonder we call any home humidified by Skuttle a Happy House!

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