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  Ultravation - Ultraviolet Air Disinfection Systems

Intensive Care for Indoor Air!

At Ultravation, we are Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) specialists! Our company is dedicated to designing and manufacturing products that effectively manage and optimize indoor air quality.

High quality, healthful air for your home is our goal. Ultravation® products are designed to work with central heating and air conditioning to optimize indoor air quality for all three pollution sources: UltraMAX™ Germicidal UV systems stop airborne and surface mold, bacteria and allergens and odors; Ultravation® Progressive Media Filtration™ captures 99% of allergens and particles 5 microns and larger. Ultravation® Photronic™ combines premium filtration, germicidal UV and ReFresh™ our UV powered photocatalytic deodorizer. Photronic is a single system that kills germs, trap particulates and remove odors from you home’s air.

Every Ultravation® product helps you make your home more energy efficient and green, because every Ultravation® product helps your heating and air conditioning products run more efficiently, saving energy and money.

Ultravation Products
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- Comprehensive Whole House Air Treatment
- Germicidal UV Air Treatment
-  Progressive Air Filtration
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