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  ADP - Air Handlers, Evaporative Coils & Unit Heaters

ADP is one of the world's largest residential evaporator coil manufacturers. We also offer high efficiency air handlers and easy-to-install unit heaters. Our primary purpose is to support each individual distributor in creating their own unique way of doing business.

Innovative Solutions
We leverage our products and expertise to tailor innovative solutions for each individual customer.

Superior Quality
Our production system is ISO9001:2000 certified and is supported by an award winning ETL certified testing laboratory. We strive to manufacture the highest quality products in the marketplace.

Dependable Delivery
We have industry leading cycle-times and carry a strategic inventory of our most popular models to meet seasonal demands.

Profitable Partnerships
Our team recognizes the value of long-term relationships. We have an "easy-to-do-business" heritage and acknowledge that each customer is different.

ADP Product Highlights
  • Quiet: Balanced three-speed or vairable speed morots ensure quiet operation
  • Easy Installation: Easy to install and service hot water slide in kit
  • Easy Access: Easy to access control panel and one-point electrical connections
  • Drain Connection: Drain Connection knockouts offer a variety of installation positions
  • Options: variable speeds, conversion to downflow, hot water and electric heat
  • Choose from Compact, Modular Blower, Wall Mounted and more!

ADP Products
(see their website for complete info on all products)
- Air Conditioners
- Furnaces
- Heat Pumps
- Packaged Systems
- YorkTV
- Air Handlers
- Evaporator Coils
- Indoor Air Quality

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