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  Modine - Commercial and Residential Heating

Modine Manufacturing Company has been a worldwide leader in thermal management for almost 90 years. We design, engineer, test, and manufacture heat transfer products for a wide range of applications and markets. We're at work in practically every corner of the world, inside the things you see every day.

Innovation - It's what started our company and keeps us going today. Our heat transfer innovations have set industry standards for efficiency, economy and durability. With more than 2,000 patents, we remain the leading innovator in the field.

Problem Solving - Today's heat transfer challenges grow more complex and sophisticated by the day. That's why we have hundreds of skilled engineers with a thorough background in heat transfer and most importantly, a willingness to look at problems from a variety of perspectives.

Manufacturing Expertise - We specialize in solving thermal management problems. Through our award winning just-in-time and just-in-sequence manufacturing processes, we can supply you with heat transfer solutions that are not only feasible, but reliable and economical to incorporate into your manufacturing process.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction - Our number one priority is to focus on the needs and requirements of our customers. We have the resources, the staff, and the environment to make customer satisfaction flourish. We have for close to a century.

Certified for Commercial Use:
  • Gas Fired Unit Heaters - gravity, power vent and separated combustion
  • Gas Fired Applied Products - indoor gravity/power-vent/separated combustion, outdoor WeatherHawk, direct-fired make-up air
  • Steam/Hot Water Heaters - vertical, horizontal, power-throw
  • Steam/Hot Water Commercial Heaters - fin-tube radiation, convectors, cabinet unit heaters
  • Electric Unit Heaters - vertical, horizontal, power-throw, explosion-proof
  • Infrared - low- and high-intensity gas fired
  • Oil Unit Heaters

Certified for Residential AND Commercial Use:

  • Hot Dawg Gas Fired Unit Heaters

ADP Products
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- Gas, Steam/Hot Water, Oil and Electric Distributed Products
- Commercial & Industrial Applied Product Line (Heating, ventilating, cooling and make-up air applied product line)

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