Heating FAQ's

How often should I have my heating system cleaned?

At the very least, your heating system should be checked out and cleaned once a year. Keeping the system clean is the name of the game. As the components get dirty the efficiency of the system plummets, your energy bill climbs and your comfort level drops. Regular annual service also can extend equipment life and can help to prevent mechanical breakdowns.

Would there be any reason to have a cleaning more than once a year?

That would depend on owner preference, but we would recommend more frequent cleanings if any of the following conditions exist:

1. Smokers in the home

2. Pets that shed high amounts of fur/dander

3. Water contamination

4. Residents with allergies/asthma

4. Renovations/remodeling

Why can’t I read my digital thermostat?

Some people are unaware that digital thermostats have batteries in them. A low battery can affect your thermostat readings. It can be costly to have a service technician determine the problem and simply change the battery.