Air conditioning

Keeping You Cool

The air conditioning solutions we provide consist of central air, ductless mini splits, and thermostats. We rep many of the top manufacturers but perform service work on all makes and models.

We carry a wide range of Air Conditioning systems and products for your home and business. We do a lot of work on Carrier central air conditioning, and Daikin & Mitsubishi offers great ductless mini split systems that consist of a compressor and wall mount that is capable of effectively cooling a single room. The system removes heat from indoor air and transfers it outside, leaving the cooled indoor air to be re-circulated.

Besides Central Air Systems, we also carry a broad line of Humidifiers, De-Humidifiers and Air Purifiers to keep your home and family comfortable, safe and cool throughout the year.

Central Air

Central air conditioning (or central A/C) is a system in which air is cooled at a central location and distributed to and from rooms by one or more fans and ductwork. The brands we represent and work with are Carrier, Lennox, Mitsubishi, Rheem and Thermo Pride.

Ductless Mini Splits

A ductless mini split is comprised of two units, an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor handling unit. The indoor heating unit allows you to control the temperature of one individual room. The two mini split manufacturers we work with are Mitsubishi and Daikin.


Your thermostat is a component that senses the temperature of a physical system and performs actions so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired set point. The two thermostats that we represent are Ecobee and Honeywell.