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Why Hydronics is Better!

A quiet revolution in home heating is sweeping America. More and more, homeowners are turning to what many consider the most comfortable heating solution, hydronic heating, which utilizes water instead of or in addition to air as the heat transfer medium. Homeowners are learning from their co-workers, friends, neighbors, and relatives that today’s hydronic heat is draft-free, quiet, clean, efficient and, above all, comfortable.

Burnham’s Hydronic heating systems circulate hot water through plastic tubing, baseboards, or radiators to provide gentle, silent, and clean heat. Many homeowners live with rooms that are too hot or too cold. To maximize comfort, each room in a hydronically-heated home can be zoned separately allowing each room or area to be controlled individually. Furthermore, Burnham’s hydronic heating systems are extremely efficient because of design advances in boilers, zoned heating, and the nature of the heating system.

How Hydronics Works:

  • Unsurpassed Heating Comfort
    Your home will no longer have hot spots, cold spots, or drafts – just gentle, even, silent heat that automatically regulates itself to your desired comfort level. You won’t even notice that the heating system is operating, and that’s heating comfort at its best! 
  • Extremely Efficient Heat
    Burnham’s products deliver efficient, comfortable hydronic heat which gently heats the walls and furniture in the room, thus minimizing heat loss through the windows, doors, and ceiling. Furthermore, because Burnham’s systems are sealed, there is virtually no loss of heat as it is distributed throughout your home. 
  • Easy Zone Control
    Now you can “zone heat” every part of your house! Use individual zone controls or circulators and thermostats to automatically warm up the daytime living areas before you get out of bed and then let them cool down at night when you’re not using them. Turn down the heat in unused rooms for big energy savings, and don’t overheat a room when the sun is shining in! 
  • Trouble-Free Heating
    Finally, you can achieve the home comfort dream of a worry-free heating system. A hydronic system has few moving parts so maintenance is minimized. Without a thought on your part, it will provide heating that’s so comfortable that you’ll never notice it. 
  • Healthy, Clean Heating
    Burhnam’s hydronic Heat is gentle and draft-free, so it does not circulate dust, odors, spores, or germs around the house. 
  • Flexible, Expandable Heating
    A Burnham hydronic heating system gives you total home comfort. reliable, efficient space heating and domestic hot water. It can also provide swimming pool and spa heating, ice and snow melting for your driveway and sidewalks, and even towel rack warming. That’s luxury! For comfort all year long, air conditioning can be added to your home in a separate system. 
  • Combine Hydronics and Warm Air Heating
    There are even Burnham hydronic heating answers for homeowners wishing to convert or supplement their existing warm air or heat pump systems. Burnham has great solutions for additions and retrofit projects. 
  • Operates with All Heating Fuels
    No matter which fuel you use to heat your home – natural gas, LP gas (propane), fuel oil, electricity – Burnham’s hydronic heating is ideal for highly efficient, convenient, and draft-free comfort.

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