General Air Systems

General Aire Systems is a leading manufacturer’s representative and distributor of specialty air handling equipment and air filtration systems in the Mid Atlantic area. As a strategic partner of Camfil Farr Company, Purafil, Seasons 4, Midwest Cleanrooms, Steril-Aire, Vigil Air, Clean Rooms International, Robertson Manufacturing and other aligned manufacturers, our products include Make Up and Recirculation Air Handlers, ASHRAE, HEPA and ULPA rated Filters and Housings; Chemical media Filters and Housings for HVAC and process applications; Containment and Bag In/ Bag Out Systems for Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Homeland Security Solutions; Cleanrooms, Cleanroom Components, Cleanroom grid systems, terminal HEPA filters, Fan Filter Units and Specialized HVAC equipment for Pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory, and all other clean space applications including fan wall technology; a complete line of Ultra Violet Germicidal Light Emitters for biological, pathogen control and air quality applications..

Our territory covered includes Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Southeast New York State, Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The history of the company extends back to before common heating, air conditioning and refrigeration as an ice, coal and oil house in South Philadelphia established in the 1920’s. Currently, we have 7 technical sales representatives, 4 of whom service the engineering community in our area.

Today, General Aire Systems, Inc. continues to be at the forefront of unparalleled customer service and providing innovative HVAC and Filtration solutions. Fan wall technology available from Seasons 4 is the cutting edge of HVAC innovations. Computer based software allows the determination of Life Cycle Cost and Total Cost of Ownership analysis for HVAC equipment and air filter selections, Clean Room design and Modeling, on site filter testing of true efficiencies, Web based Facility Site survey providing real time energy cost related to air filter solutions, and many more services too numerous to mention.

Our service department offers owners and contractors Site Filter Service Contracts with professional service technicians and filter selection based on Total Cost of Ownership and energy usage reductions; HVAC Systems Cleaning; Indoor Air Quality Services and Remediation; Cleanroom certifications and HEPA filter certification contracts.